Every once in awhile we get an email tip that appears to be some type of odd joke. Usually, we are not really sure what to make of it, so we pass over it and move on to more pressing issues. But a recent tip caught our attention and elicited more than a few laughs, so we'll share it with you.
A company called Monoxitube issued a press release on Earth Day detailing a breakthrough 25-foot long hose that drivers attach to their exhaust. The hose is then conveniently routed along the vehicle and right into the driver's window, as seen in the picture. As the company says, the Monoxitube literally allows drivers to face their exhaust in a way that will never be forgotten, if you survive, that is.

Now, we don't support a product like this and wouldn't have presented it if it wasn't completely fake. The Monoxitube site goes into great detail about the benefits of the product suggesting that less driving will take place and that owners of the product will be immediately aware of the damage they are doing to the environment (and themselves). First, a feeling of faintness sets in, followed by nausea, passing out and then... Now, this is one radical way to curb emissions for good. By using the Monoxitube, drivers would be non-existent and therefore emissions from vehicles would disappear, too. But this approach is way too radical and we're glad that it's nothing more than a funny twist on global awareness. There's even a video in which the actors somehow manage to keep a straight face throughout. It''s definitely worth watching and is sure to make you laugh. Follow us after the jump to see it.

[Source: Monoxitube]

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