If you believe the rumors dusting up from L'Automobile Magazine, Nissan may be borrowing more than a small engine from Daimler. The French site is reporting that the two companies could be looking into sharing an entire platform in order to create a new Infiniti-badged CUV. If our Google translator is to be believed, the French site claims that Infiniti will be getting its paws on the next Mercedes-Benz A/B Class in order to build a new DX model destined to slot below the current EX.
The move would put Infiniti into the CUV fray with fighters like the BMW X1 and Audi Q3 if it came to fruition. Right now, that's a big if. As far as we know, Infiniti hasn't said word one about building a smaller crossover, even if it would help the brand gain traction in the notoriously truck-averse European market, and it already sells the EX, itself a rather smallish entrant (that looks suspiciously like the rendering excerpted at right). L'Automobile Magazine says the move is currently under consideration by both Renault-Nissan and Daimler, but we wouldn't exactly hold our breath for a new pint-sized Infiniti.

[Source: L'Automobile Magazine]

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