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It looks like Ferrari's love affair with China isn't one-sided. According to a recent report, the Prancing Horse moved a total of 220 cars in China last year, and of those, 20 percent were snapped up by well-to-do women. That means China's ladies are buying Ferraris at four times the rate of their western counterparts. Why? It all has to do with business.

Ferrari says there are somewhere between 400-500 millionaires in China and that a fair portion of those are women who have earned their money by building and operating competitive businesses. They've got cash, and they want the toys that come with it.

Interestingly enough, the company also said that the average age of a Chinese Ferrari buyer is 10 years younger than in Europe or North America. If you were looking for proof that the automotive industry is shifting its focus from the west, look no further.

[Source: Go Auto]

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