Good news, rental car fans – Hertz has managed to expand its operations by over 1,500 locations. The company has reportedly just agreed to snatch up Dollar Thrifty car rental in a $1.17 billion deal that included both cash and Hertz stock. According to USA Today, that figure values Dollar Thrifty shares at a 5.5 percent premium over what the company's stock had been trading for recently.

Once the deal goes through, Dollar Thrifty will be completely owned by Hertz, which means we'll likely be seeing a lot more yellow at rental counters across the country. Hertz also said that it has its eye on around $180 million in potential cost cuts as a result of the merger. Odds are that means nixing locations where Dollar Thrifty and Hertz had previously competed against one another.

While that's all good news for Hertz, rental customers will also likely benefit from a larger rental network. Who knows, maybe we'll see a few more rent-a-racers crop up along the way, too.

[Source: USA Today]

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