Several potential recipients lined up for first ever Green Car Breakthrough Award. Those in contention for the award included automakers such as Nissan, General Motors and Ford as well as several companies that are pioneers in the electric vehicle industry like Better Place and Coulomb.

Guidelines for the award are laid out below:
The award was created to recognize a vehicle, technology or program that sets new standards in fuel efficiency, emissions reduction and/or sustainability, or that stands out for promoting public use and acceptance of such a vehicle or technology.
After assembling all of the nominees, Better Place and Coulomb Technologies were chosen as the recipients of the first ever Green Car Breakthrough award. Both companies focus efforts on the charging side of the industry for electric vehicles. Better Place is most widely known for its love of the controversial battery-swapping technology and Coulomb is regarded as a worldwide leader in charging station deployment and technology.

As suggests, (and we agree) this year's winners were chosen over some of the advanced vehicles competing for the award because an infrastructure is needed before electric vehicles can become successful. Honorable mentions include the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf and Ford Motor Company for its overall dedication to efficient vehicles.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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