The Jeep Wrangler turns 71 next year, and the city of Toledo, Ohio wants to celebrate the anniversary. Well, let's back up a bit: the first iteration of the Willys MB was penned in 1940. That would turn into the first Jeep, produced in the company's Toledo factory, in 1941. And so next year is really considered the 70th anniversary of the Jeep Wrangler.

Not that one digit matters too much – the Jeep has been around, done its time, and deserves a proper bash. The Jeep Parkway Plant was torn down in 2006, and according to the Toledo Blade, city residents are working on a plan to create an off-road course as a birthday present and lasting playground with the requisite bogs and obstacles for the go-anywhere convertible.

A few small items still stand in the way, however - such as procuring the land, paying for the construction, and then letting the world know such a place exists. The city would like Chrysler to introduce the Wrangler's interior refresh in Toledo to help with promotion, but no such commitment has been made yet. Nevertheless, both Toledo and the Jeep have gotten around larger impediments, so there's still hope.

[Source: Toledo Blade]

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