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Americans have a love affair with large vehicles. While most of the world is satisfied with subcompact and compact cars, American's display a thirst for the big, boat-like autos. For reasons unknown to us, bigger always seems to be better here. But a recent survey shows that while super-sized meals may still be popular, our mindset for automobiles is slowly favoring something a wee bit smaller and more efficient.

Capital One Auto Finance conducted a survey of Americans and found that we have a desire for more efficient vehicles, at least some of us do. The survey shows that 55 percent of respondents are "somewhat likely" or "very likely" to trade in their large vehicles for something smaller and more fuel efficient when purchasing a new car. We should add that surveys are not always accurate and "likely" doesn't necessarily translate into actions taken. C'mon now, who can really resist offers like a free HEMI upgrade for everyone? But at least the majority of us "want" to make the environmentally-friendly choice of buying more efficient vehicles.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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