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There's a reason Detroit is called the Motor City. The U.S. Auto industry was born there in a swath of southeast Michigan no larger than the state of Vermont. And when the industry was booming, the area was the epicenter for all things automotive. But times have changed for the domestic auto industry, and no region of the United States has felt the pain more than Detroit.

Dateline traveled to Detroit to show just how far the Motor City has fallen, and the moving pictures shows an urban area that looks more like a war zone than a sprawling metropolis. The city of about 800,000 residents has only eight budget grocery stores, yet there are 400 liquor stores. Some 40 square miles of property is either vacant or abandoned – roughly the same land mass as the city of Buffalo. Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has even gone as far as to suggest that the city shrinks its boarders in an effort to survive. Hit the jump to see video that is sure to depress.

[Source: Gawker TV]


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