Subaru introduces "New EyeSight" system

Volvo may have been one of the first car companies to bring an automatic braking system to the street, but it certainly won't be the last. Subaru just announced it's the New EyeSight – a system that uses two cameras to detect potential collision hazards and stop the vehicle if necessary. The cameras work in conjunction with something Subaru is calling pre-collision braking control. If the cameras detect an object like a pedestrian or car in the vehicle's path, an alarm will sound to alert the driver. If the driver still takes no action, the car will stop itself, potentially avoiding a collision or reducing damage from the impact.

Subaru says that the system will only stop the car if the difference in speed between the two objects is less than 18.5 mph. If the difference is any faster than that, and the New EyeSight system will simply slow the vehicle.

The company also announced a new brake assist system. When the driver applies the brakes in a panic situation, brake-assist equipped cars will add an extra boost to the brake system, hopefully stopping the vehicle before an impact.

Finally, New EyeSight equipped vehicles will also feature adaptive cruise control. Like similar systems from other manufacturers, the Subaru cars will be able to detect the speed of vehicles ahead of it in traffic, and adjust its speed accordingly when the cruise control is active. So far there's no word on how much the New EyeSight system will cost when it hits the market. Japanese customers should be able to order it on Legacy models starting next month. Full details in the press release after the jump.

[Source: Subaru]

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FHI to Introduce the "New EyeSight"
Subaru's Unique Driving Assist System with Advanced Safety Functions

Tokyo, April 22, 2010 - Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the maker of Subaru automobiles, today
announced that it successfully completed the development of the "New EyeSight", Subaru's unique driving assist system using stereo camera technology. Based on the current EyeSight system, the safety device was upgraded with new features to improve driving assist functions, automatic braking management system and user-friendliness.

The EyeSight was the first device ever to use stereo camera technology to detect the presence of pedestrians and cyclists. Since its first introduction in May 2008, features available on this system have been highly praised; they included pre-collision braking control and all-speed range adaptive cruise control tracking function.

The new EyeSight has an advanced, safer "Pre-Collision Braking Control" feature that stops the vehicle if it detects the risk of frontal collision, thereby avoiding the collision or reducing collision damage. The
"All-speed range adaptive cruise control system" was also refined. It is now able to stop the car if the vehicle in front is decelerating or stopping unexpectedly. The new features not only expand the range of safety assistance provided to the driver but also reduce risks normally associated with driving in specific
circumstances, especially in slow or congested traffic.

Pre-Collision Braking Control

When the vehicle comes close or very close to a car or an object in front of it, an alarm sets off to warn
the driver of a potential collision hazard. If the speed difference between the driver's vehicle and the
vehicle in front is below 30 km/h, and if there is no action from the driver to slow down or stop its
vehicle, the system will automatically slow down the car or stop the car in order to avoid collision or
reduce collision damage.

If the speed difference between the two moving vehicles is above 30km/h, the system will automatically
reduce the vehicle speed, thereby reducing the risk of collision or collision damage.

Pre-Collision Brake Assist System

When there is a potential risk of frontal collision, the system will also identify sudden braking by the
driver. If detected, it automatically activates the pre-collision brake assist function, thus avoiding
collision or reducing collision damage.

Adaptive Cruise control with all-speed range tracking function

It enables the vehicle to cruise safely on a motorway, keeping the vehicle at a safe distance to the vehicle
in front. In slow traffic or traffic jams, the automatic emergency braking function - stopping the vehicle
and holding it still until the vehicle in front starts moving again - was much improved compared to the
current system.

*Efficiency of these functions may be affected by abnormal road surface, severe or extreme weather and
are subject to the vehicle's condition.

Stereo Camera Image of object detection

Subaru is committed to developing vehicles that provide ultimate safety and peace of mind, under the
development concept of further pursuing Subaru's exciting, reliable, and environmentally responsible
driving. The new Eyesight advanced driver assistance system actively manages various safety functions and further enhances Subaru drivers' all-round safety driving experience. The system will be available on the Legacy models from the middle of May in Japan.

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