Forecasting the future is not always easy and, sometimes, far from accurate, but we like predictions because they usually give us some idea of what to expect as we move forward. In this instance, the predictions point to a world in which plug-in vehicle chargers are almost as common as gas stations. Well, not quite, but they do suggest that the U.S. will lead the world in something – and that's always worth talking about.

ABI Research conducted a market study of vehicles chargers and determined that this is, indeed, big business. The study suggests that global investments will reach $11.75 billion by 2015. The spending will help increase the number of charging stations from 20,000 worldwide today to over 3 million five years from now.

Now, that's all great, but here's the crowning glory for Americans. The study shows that the U.S. will be home to 54 percent of all chargers in 2015, followed by China at 23 percent. If correct, and forecasts often aren't, the U.S. can reclaim a number one spot in the auto industry. Even though the worldwide leader of vehicle chargers is not quite as brag-worthy as China's title of the world's number one automotive market, we'll take it.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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