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Reports of Maybach's demise may have been slightly exaggerated – for the time being, anyway. The ultra-premium Daimler brand has released updated versions of its range, which is essentially the same vehicle with different configurations.

For MY2011, the Maybach 57, 57S, 62 and 62S feature a handful of cosmetic, mechanical and interior equipment upgrades. The exterior benefits from a new grille (now different between the standard and S models), hood, tail lights and door mirrors, which – in addition to refreshing the limo's looks – also reduces wind noise for a quieter ride. Underneath the new hood, meanwhile, Daimler has optimized the V12 engine for marginally reduced emissions and fuel consumption, and while the standard engine stays pegged at 542 horsepower, the S version gets an 18-horse boost to 630.

Inside there's a partition to separate passengers from chauffeur, and the reclining seats previously available only on the longer 62 model can now be fitted on the passenger side in the rear of the 57 as well. The 62 can be fitted with an electro-chromatic tinting glass roof panel, and customers can also specify a 19-inch rear screen instead of the individual 9.5-inch monitors, on which they can view camera feeds from around the vehicle. The perfume atomizer from the Zeppelin model can also be ordered on the rest of the range now as well, and there's available wireless internet and seat piping either braided or embedded with Swarovski crystals.

The revised Maybach range debuts this Friday at the Beijing Motor Show, where Bentley is also presenting a pair of special editions, Volkswagen its new Phaeton and Audi the long-wheelbase A8 L. If we didn't know better, we'd think the Chinese had a thing for limos. Make the jump for a promo video.

[Source: Maybach]

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