Valentino Rossi, widely acknowledged as the greatest motorcycle racer of all time, may have a second career on something with more than two wheels. As diehard MotoGP and Formula One fans are already aware, the Italian superstar has proven to be just as fast around a race circuit when piloting a Ferrari F1 car as he is on his Yamaha motorcycle, and the Scuderia has made numerous overtures to The Doctor in an effort to get him to cross disciplines.

Apparently, outgoing Fiat Group Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo reiterated once again earlier this week that it would love to put Rossi in the driver's seat of one of its scorching red F1 cars, saying:
We want a third car [in F1 next year] and I would do everything to have Valentino... When he wins this year's MotoGP, enough is enough, he must also win in Formula 1.
So, is it going to happen? We have no idea, but there is some conjecture that if Rossi continues his winning ways by capturing his tenth World Championship on two wheels, it might make the decision to try his hand at F1 a bit easier to make.

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[Source: Motorcycle Daily]

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