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What can you do with that rusty beater parked in your back yard? It's too old and shoddy to ever drive around, but you just can't part ways with it. Well, if it just so happens that you have a few cartons of seat belts lying around and some extra countertop material leftover from your last kitchen remodel, you're in luck. You could put all of it to good use and end up with a modern art example of recycling at its best. Just look at the photos of this MG and imagine how many jealous stares you would draw from onlookers as you cruise down the strip.

The Woven Car is the creation of artists Ann Conte and Jeanne Wiley and is on display at the South Shore Art Center in Massachusetts. The old MG has been sprung back to life with nothing more than seatbelts and Dupont Corian countertop material. The artists took a rusty MG and wove 500 yards of seatbelt material around it to make up the unique body. The interior features Dupont Corian Terra countertop material for the seats, floorboard and windshield. This rock-hard seat material, though striking in appearance, is probably not suitable for long hauls. Wiley said that the Woven Car is "about recycling, reusing, repurposing and sustainability." And we agree that it's a great example of recycling but we love it for its unique, head-turning ability and one-of-a-kind appeal. And you never have to wax this one. Hat tip to Bridgette!

  • Image Credit: Gary Higgins Photography

[Source: Inhabitant | Images: Gary Higgins Photography]

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