Car sharing is starting to aggregate, meaning more smaller share programs will be swallowed up by the bigger players. While we all pull for the little indie that could, it actually makes a lot of sense for some commonality with sharing programs: it's a whole lot easier to reserve and drive a car when you use a common system. Zipcar announced this morning that it acquired UK-based Streetcar, giving it 400,000 members in total. Streetcar's portfolio includes 1,100 locations across 8 British cities including London. This is certainly a boon to Zipcar's growing European presence, but we're wondering when they'll expand their service to all 50 States here in the good ol' US of A. According to their website Zipcar offers sharing programs in 70 US cities and 26 states, as well as locations in Vancouver and Toronto.

Zipcar could position itself as the Google of car sharing with more of these acquisitions, which could go some way toward lowering costs and creating easier usage for drivers. This, in the end, is a good thing.

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