The naughty Mini – Click above to watch video after the jump

Volvo may be trying to convince the world that the new S60 has a naughty streak, but it's nothing compared to Mini's kinky side. The company is running an ad campaign in Hamburg, Germany under the slogan "A good Mini takes you to heaven. A bad Mini takes you everywhere," and has put up a massive billboard, complete with an S&M whip dangling over the rear of a Cooper.

That would already be enough to stir puritanical parent groups here in the States into a tizzy, but it gets better. Mini put out a secret five-digit number and code word. Anyone on the street can text the phrase to the number, and the Cooper gets disciplined via the automated whip. Yes, it even makes very whip-like sounds and honks its horn in agony/ecstasy. Hit the jump to see for yourself, just don't forget the safe word.

[Source: Paul Tan]

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