So, we decided to poke through the Nissan Leaf reservation pages today and came upon a few interesting things worth sharing. First, we have the first preliminary images (renderings, really) of the Leaf in black, red and silver. While it's interesting to see this new icon in fresh colors, the website makes it clear that "color choices are provided as samples to determine preference only, not final colors." Our favorite? Black.

Nissan is also interested in just how the people registering today are planning on using the Leaf. How far will they drive? Where will they park it at night? Do they want the standard or SL trim levels? With a propulsion technology in the Leaf that is so different from almost every other vehicle sold in the U.S., it makes sense to start educating people about the car right from the get-go. See more in the gallery below.

Interested in getting your own Leaf? Plug In America has a detailed description of the process but the short version is that, if you didn't sign up for the early email list, then you'll need to wait until after May 15 to put your money down.

[Source: Nissan]

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