The Hyundai-Kia train and its full head of steam don't look likely to give out any time soon. To wit, the company has been adding style to its price and fuel frugality, and technology isn't being left out. The Sonata Hybrid is on its way for next year and will boast better mileage than the 35-mpg Elantra Blue, and now the company has announced it will be engineering stop/start ability into much of the H-K model line in America over the next two years.

We won't see those cars until "the next product cycle" in 2012, but when we do, the projections are that it will yield three percent better fuel economy. True, that might only take the Sonata Hybrid up to 38/40 mpg, but who knows how much a gallon of gas will cost by then – we're sure every little bit will count. CO2 reduction should be equally improved.

[Source: Automotive News – sub. req'd]

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