Chrysler logos, past and present. Can we do better? – Click above for image gallery

What image enters your mind when you think about Chrysler? For us, it's the Pentastar logo. Perhaps that's because many of us Autobloggers are children of the '80s when the iconic five-pointed logo was unabashedly emblazoned on everything from minivans to Lasers to New Yorkers.

More recently, Chrysler has abandoned the Pentastar brand in favor of a couple of winged logos and a version of the brand's old golden-hued wax seal. These logos are much more modern than the Pentastar, but none of them are as memorable or anywhere close to being as well established as the admittedly dated Pentastar.

With a bankruptcy and new savior in the form of Italy's Fiat still fresh in our memories, perhaps now would be a good time to rethink Chrysler's brand positioning and corporate marketing materials. In fact, the automaker has already done just that, revealing the latest version of its winged logo late last year.

But is Chrysler going down the right path with its latest reinvention? Our colleagues at AOL Autos wondered if the brand might be able to do a bit better. To find out, AOL Autos commissioned three design firms to redesign the storied automaker's brand, and the results are as interesting as they are diverse. See for yourself in the image gallery below and be sure to check out the full article with background information and more images. So... got a favorite?

[Source: AOL Autos]

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