General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz might be set to retire at the end of the month, but don't expect him to go quietly into that good night – or take up the usual trappings that a man of his age and accomplishment might normally seek out. "I don't play golf, never have never will. And secondly, I have no desire to go to Hilton Head, or Naples, Florida, or any place like that."

Fair enough. So what's in store for the auto industry icon? Well, he's working on new business book, and there will be a supporting tour to follow its publication. Beyond that, he tells Autoblog that he's going to be embarking on the lecture circuit with the Leigh Speakers Bureau and he might just be open to helping run another company – automotive or otherwise:
"I have had several approaches for board memberships of various companies and I'm going to be meeting with a headhunter who is a specialist in finding board members. He wants to see me, so we'll see what comes up there. As far as GM is concerned, I have had numerous requests to continue to be available for advice and counsel and occasionally review design properties and stuff like that, so I'll find a way to stay engaged."
What about going to work for another carmaker? "Now, no other automobile company has yet approached me and said 'Here's a huge wad of money, come and work for us.'" We couldn't resist a followup: "Is that an open invitation for that to happen?" Lutz laughed his trademark hoarse laugh and said wryly, "It depends on the size of the wad of money."

Interested in hearing more Lutz gems? Check out the newest installment of the Autoblog Podcast, where the good chairman sits in with us for an hour-long career retrospective. We'll have the complete show up for download or online listening available later this afternoon.

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