It's just six years old, but Britons have lived with it long enough to declare the Aston Martin DB9 their favorite car of the past 25 years. Great Britain's drivers were asked to choose their favorite car from a list of 30 rides going back to 1985 and fully ten percent of them chose Aston's middle-child coupe, said to be "synonymous with James Bond" even though he never drove one. Germany rounded out the podium spots with the Volkswagen Golf at number two, and the (Anglo-SaxonGerman) Mini at number three.

You can follow the jump for the press release on the survey. Or you can have a look at the DB9 Volante in the high-res gallery below and see if you can figure out why its hardtop sibling took home the trophy.

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Aston Martin DB9 voted nation's favourite car of the past 25 years
VW Golf GTI and BMW MINI in top three cars of the past 25 years.

(PRWeb UK) April 15, 2010 -- The iconic Aston Martin DB9 has been voted the nation's favourite car of the past 25 years, in a poll to discover which car is the nation's best loved motor of the '80s, '90s and noughties years by Direct Line Car Insurance to mark its 25th anniversary this week*.

One in ten Brits (10 per cent) said the Aston Martin DB9, synonymous with James Bond, was their favourite car of the past 25 years, while the Volkswagen Golf GTI, the original boy racers' favourite 'hot hatch', secured second place in the vote (5 per cent). The BMW MINI, the modern take on a long-term classic, came in third place (4 per cent).

Motorists were asked to vote for their favourite car from a list of 30 of the most iconic car models from 1985-2010, from the '80's Audi Quattro, most recently made famous for its starring role in the TV series Ashes to Ashes, to the DeLorian, the legendary car from the Back to the Future films, to the '90s everyman's classic the Ford Mondeo.

The quintessentially British Jaguar XJ was named the second most popular car by voters in the East of England and Wales.

However, while these cars are nostalgically seen as the automotive classics of the past 25 years, the majority of motoring Brits or the main driver in their household in the 1980's owned either a Ford (29 per cent) or a Vauxhall (14 per cent) in the 1980s. Nearly one in ten Brits (9 per cent) owned an Austin or a Rover back in the 1980s.

Jennifer Thomas, spokesperson for Direct Line, commented: "As a result of Britain's heritage of motoring we love cars for a wide variety of reasons, from being a classic British brand, to motorsport prowess to having modern design flair. Over the past 25 years Direct Line has insured a whole range of makes and models of cars and we're looking forward to following the motoring trends into the next decade and beyond."

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