Although it will probably remain a stress-inducing experience, Kelley Blue Book has introduced a smartphone app and a Seller's Toolkit to make buying a car slightly less stress-inducing. The app ties your iPhone directly into the KBB database, so you can pull up the appropriate KBB values on the fly when that one-owner steal looks more like it's been stolen from five or six owners. It'll also clue you in to dealer locations and provide 360-degree views and reviews of any car you have questions about. It's a free download in the App Store.
On the other hand, if you're a seller who's trying to unload that one-owner steal, you'll want to take advantage of Kelley Blue Book's Seller's Toolkit. AutoTrader won't be happy to hear about it, but the KBB software helps you create a professional-looking listing for posting on Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, or in your e-mail or blog. Check a few boxes and you've got a digital window sticker, Facebook application, widget, dynamic images and a direct link to your selling page.

On top of that, all of the tools provide quick links to KBB for buyers to research your car. The window sticker comes with a QR code that calls up KBB's LiveValue function, the LiveValue ID can respond via SMS, the widget is built to fit into Wordpress and Blogger, Direct Link provides a shortened URL for Twitter, or a potential buyer can even make a voice call to KBB to get more information. Like we said, it might not make things less stressful, but it could make everyone more informed, and that's got to be good for something.

Check out the galleries below for screenshots of the new iPhone app (we loaded it and poked around) and of the KBB Seller's Toolkit features.

[Source: KBB]

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