Werk Statt, a motorcycle repair and racing outfit headquartered in San Francisco and founded by the indomitable Jennifer Bromme (right) has decided it really wants to be a part of the first "zero-carbon" road racing series held in America, the TTXGP. They've got a line on a bike and have assembled a team that includes a manager, riders, mechanics and fabricators. All that remains is the small matter of raising $20,000. By Tuesday.

We've seen innovative fund-raising by aspiring TTXGP teams before and hey, if they can do it in Sweden, it should be just as possible in a country with over 33 times as many people. Can I get a witness? Werk Statt is offering everything from ad space for larger sponsors to bragging rights and t-shirts for smaller supporters.

Can they do it? Well, according to their IndieGoGo project page they're already up $340 and we did mention the team boss is indomitable, right? This is, of course, a prime opportunity for companies in the electric tech space to promote their own brands (Tesla, Fisker, Enerdel, Boston Power, Sakti3...we're lookin' at all y'all) and perhaps even prove the worth of their own product in a high-profile platform. If you're interested in going big time, check out their pitch after the break.

[Source: eMotoRules / Werk Statt]

Werkstatt Racing Proposal

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