Plug In America and the Chevy Volt – Click above to watch video after the jump

What happens when members of Plug In America (PIA) spend some time with the Chevrolet Volt? The rest of us get to ride along in this relaxed video. One way you can tell PIA is more interested in the way the vehicle drives and how it works instead of how it looks: there is just one single full-frame shot of the car in the entire 23-minute video. The rest of the video is either a POV shot from inside the car while PIA members drive a closed loop and General Motor's Tony Posawatz talking about the charging system the Volt will use, V2G and V2H connectivity (that's vehicle-to-grid and vehicle-to-home) and other items. If there's a better group of "civilians" to ask Posawatz some pointed questions than the PIA folks, we don't know about them.

From the sound of it, the video was shot a few months ago (Posawatz talks about being a year ahead of launch and it looks like Dodger Stadium in the background. The Volt was there late last year) even though it was posted to YouTube last week. Even with the delay, this is EV video worth watching. Check it out after the jump. Thanks to Andrej for the tip!

UPDATE: Actually, the video was shot April 12, 2010. Paul Scott writes about the day here.

[Source: Plug In America]

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