Remember when sex was safe and motorcycles were dangerous? Longtime two-wheel fanatics may recall the stern warnings from our concerned fathers regarding the single most dangerous part on your very first motorcycle. No, not the nut behind the bars - the burning-hot exhaust pipe. Pop-rocking, motorcycle-riding, all-around bad girl Pink apparently didn't get the memo. The singer suffered the dreaded "pipe burn" during a recent ride aboard hubby and freestyle motocross legend Carey Hart's bike.

Will the singer allow the mishap to put the brakes on her passion for motorcycles, or the men who ride them? Not likely, as she was in good spirits soon afterward, even poking fun at the accident via Twitter. She was quoted as saying, "burnt my leg on hubby's pipes," following that up with a statement that sparked a bit of controversy: "burns are no fun. Hot pipes aren't either. At least not that kind."

We're not going to take a stab at what she's referencing there. Let's just hope Pink's not in too much pain to perform another semi-nude acrobatic routine in time for next year's Grammy awards, and is ready to tear up the streets on on her favorite Triumph again soon.

[Source:Clutch and Chrome | Image: Trico-AlphaX/]

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