Ask yourself: What could possibly be better than your very own real-life Batman-inspired leather motorcycle suit? Well now, that would have to depend on your particular comic book leanings, wouldn't it? If your affections lie away from DC and more towards Marvel, we have some particularly excellent news to share. Soon, you'll be able to pick up a functional motorcycle riding suit made up to look like either Wolverine or Iron Man. Oh, and a Tron Legacy suit is also reportedly in the works.
If your desire is to dress yourself up as the adamantium-soaked Wolverine, you can head right on over to Universal Designs to order your brand-new officially licensed riding suit, based on the actual movie suit used in the X2: X-Men United. Sadly, go-go-gadget knuckle-mounted claws not included.

If you can't quite pull off Wolverine's dual-horned head of hair, no worries. UD reassures us that it's hard at work on a licensed replica of Tony Stark's Mark V Suitcase Suit that will be seen in Marvel's upcoming Iron Man 2, which will be released in the U.S. on May 7.

In case you were wondering, there's actual safety built into these riding suits as well. According to UD, each suit "incorporates removable CE-approved body armor [and] gloves with built-in anti-skid Kevlar in the palm's leather lining." Finally, if you don't quite have a personal physique that matches your Comic hero of choice, you'll find solace in the news that there's "an interior, form-molded muscle suit sandwiched into the jacket's torso section." Hit the jump for the press release, and click on the image to enlarge.

[Source: Universal Designs]
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UD Replicas Unveils X2 Wolverine Motorcycle Suit and Begins Development of Handcrafted Iron Man 2 Suit

UD to Begin Taking Orders Wolverine Motorcycle Suit, Produced Under License from Marvel, in Late April

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada (April 5, 2010) – Super Heroes are coming to the real world in spectacular new ways thanks to two new creations in development by UD Replicas under license from Marvel Entertainment, LLC.

UD Replicas unveiled a stunning Wolverine Motorcycle Suit – including leather jacket, pants and gloves as seen in X2: X-MEN UNITED – during Wizard World Toronto Comic-Con, and orders will be accepted online at in late April.

"Wolverine has one of the sleekest, most amazing suits you can imagine, and what we're creating is as close to the real thing as you could possibly get," said David Pea, owner of UD Replicas, the officially licensed division of Universal Designs Ltd. "This is a project we've been working on for a long time, and it has taken literally hundreds of hours to get it right – but the end result is truly stunning and we hope fans will love it."

To ensure precise detail, Marvel provided UD Replicas with access to the Wolverine suit worn on

screen in X2: X-MEN UNITED. To create the jacket, gloves and pants, UD Replicas is utilizing four different types of leather, which are hand-worked into an intricately faithful replica of the on-screen suit. Each X2 Wolverine Motorcycle Suit also incorporates removable CE-approved body armor; gloves with built-in, anti-skid Kevlar in the palm's leather lining; and an interior, form-molded muscle suit sandwiched into the jacket's torso section.

Pea continued, "No matter who you are, when you put it on and zip it up, you look like a Super Hero."

Under its multi-title license with Marvel, UD Replicas also announced today that it is in development on an extraordinary leather replica of Tony Stark's Mark V Suitcase Suit that will be seen in Marvel's eagerly anticipated IRON MAN 2, which will be released in the U.S. on May 7.

"We're putting our creative senses to work like we've never done before," Pea said. "We're going to mold and shape the leather to replicate the beautiful bevels and hard angles of the Mark V suit. We're making the leather look like metal, and doing things we never thought would be possible."

UD Replicas is working furiously on its motorcycle-suit version of the IRON MAN 2 Mark V Suitcase Suit, which it plans to unveil in time for the film's debut.

Full information on ordering the X2 Wolverine Motorcycle Suit, as well as photos and video of UD Replicas' remarkable creations, can be found online at

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