Our Apple-obsessed brethren at TUAW have been probing the company's new iPhone 4.0 software and, with the help of a trusted tipster, came across what could be a new automotive-related feature buried within the update.

The new software will apparently allow a "iPod out" functionality, which could be integrated into vehicles utilizing the iPod Accessory Protocol. While that's nothing new, the software tweaks have the potential to allow users to control music and other content through the iPhone (or by relation, the iPod Touch or iPad), turning the device into a separate remote control of sorts.

If that's the case, there's a distinct possibility that Apple – or third party accessory manufacturers – could develop a car kit complete with a dock, buttons and custom menus. The video after the jump provides a snooze-worthy tease of the functionality, and if this software sleuthing is to be believed, we might see some kind of Apple-branded car kit released by year's end.

[Source: TUAW]

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