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The Japanese domestic market is home to some pretty interesting tuning styles, and we're grateful that there are plenty of cameras in The Land of the Rising Sun to catch these wonky rides in action. One such style is VIP, which mixes large, rear drive luxury vehicles with mods designed to give the vehicle more luxury, more flare and more bling. And sometimes, VIP can apparently be associated with the bizarre.

Adam Zillin, co-owner and operator of the website, couldn't help but drop an F-bomb (Seriously, NSFW) when he witnessed one of the most off-camber vehicles the world has ever seen and caught it on video. Hit the jump to see his bewildering footage of four very thinly rubbered wheels trying to do the splits. We can only hope the driver was on his way to the shop to have this issue looked at.

[Source: 7Tune]

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