T&J Towing suing Michigan student for $750,000 – Click above to watch the video

Where does reporting the facts end and libel begin? That's what a court in Michigan will probably be deciding when it takes on the case of T&J Towing vs. Justin Kurtz. According to WoodTV.com, Back in February, Kurtz began a Facebook page called Kalamazoo (Michigan) Residents Against T&J Towing for the purpose of letting people tell their stories about encounters with T&J. Seems no one has anything good to say about T&J's towing practices, and the company wants all that bad press to stop. Somehow they think that will happen by suing Kurtz, a Western Michigan University student, for $750,000.

In the video available after the jump, a legal professor weighs in on the suit and questions how T&J expects to win its case when Kurtz hasn't lied about the company or even written the stories. But, of course, anyone with a few bucks and a free hour can file a lawsuit. We wish everyone involved the best of luck and a speedy resolution. Hat tip to Chris VH!

[Sources: WoodTV.com, Facebook]

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