Not too long ago we learned that BMW was secretly working on a hydrogen hybrid powertrain. Then, just days ago, we brought spy shots of the real deal caught in action. Yep, that's a modified front-wheel drive 1 Series pictured sporting both hydrogen and electric components. Now there's even more to this developing story.

As Autocar reports, this complex drivetrain/powertrain could also make its way into the Mini lineup. Why choose Mini, a more budget-friendly brand than BMW for this costly setup? We don't know for sure, but can bet that it has something to do with the simple fact that a Mini is already a FWD vehicle. Another possibility is that the company hopes to conduct field trials of the powertrain in a timely manner and Minis are available on short order. Despite the Mini's small size, the hydrogen hybrid will squeeze into the tight confines. This would allow BMW to keep the 1 Series as it should be, rear-wheel drive only.

Now that we know where BMW is likely to utilize this powertrain, one more question still remains to be answered: Will this combined hydrogen and electric setup bring supporters of each technology together or drive them further apart?

[Source: Autocar]

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