When T. Boone Pickens introduced his Pickens Plan back in 2008, the two big power sources included were wind power and natural gas. In the middle of last year, the wind portion died down and we haven't heard a lot from oil-man Pickens about his renewable energy cause since then. Now, it looks like Pickens' natural gas mission is still going strong and he is promising some sort of Natural Gas Act legislation by Memorial Day. We don't know what Pickens knows, but we do know that he's met with President Obama (Pickens supported McCain in 2008) and testified yesterday in Washington, D.C. at a Ways and Means Committee hearing on "Energy Tax Incentives Driving the Green Job Economy."
The reason Pickens is still bullish on natural gas is that he has research showing the U.S. has reserves that contain the equivalent to 700 billion barrels of oil. The bill he is talking about is HR 1835, the "New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions Act of 2009," which gives a lot of support to CNG vehicles, starting with transitioning big semi-trucks to CNG. Thus far, there is a solid amount of bipartisan for the NAT GAS bill. Here's what the Pickens Plan has to say about natural gas and CNG vehicles.

[Source: Greentech Media via Treehugger]

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