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Car buyers forking out a few hundred thousand dollars for a Bentley expect more than just a little luxury. And when the Bentley Mulsanne is unleashed upon the yacht and G5 owners of the world, the folks in Crewe, England know they need to come strong with otherworldly materials and craftsmanship.

A quick peek at the plush Mulsanne interior shows that Bentley designers and engineers have gone all out, but a few high resolution photos doesn't tell the whole story. Bentley created a five minute video to explain some of the craftsmanship that goes into creating the Mulsanne interior by hand. For example, five people are in charge of inspecting and cutting all the leather that goes into the ultra luxury barge, and those cuts take three hours per vehicle. Hit the jump to watch the video, but only if you can live with the fact that you'll most likely never even get the chance to sit in such an exquisitely executed interior.

[Source: Bentley]


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