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Recently, General Motors announced a partnership with Reva in India to develop battery electric vehicles for that market. We spoke with Micky Bly about this and GM's other plans for pure battery electric vehicles as opposed to extended range EVs like the Chevrolet Volt. The cars to be developed with Reva are targeted as very low cost solutions with limited capabilities. These cars will likely be a step up from the G-Wiz that is offered in India and the UK today, but will not be up to the standards expected in most developed markets.

Instead, Bly told ABG that General Motors is evaluating an electric urban commuter vehicle for the North American and European markets. The range would likely be no more than 100 miles in order to keep the cost down. Also helping to keep the cost down would be the use of an existing platform rather than a dedicated platform such as the one developed by Nissan for the Leaf. Bly doesn't expect that volumes of an electric commuter like this would be high enough to justify development of a new platform. So, the use of an A or B segment vehicle like the Chevy Spark or Aveo is the most likely scenario.

[Source: General Motors]

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