Hot on the heels of a report from one British car mag declaring the new MG6 – the company's first clean-sheet new product since its acquisition by Chinese automaker Nanjing – possibly the best-handling vehicle in its class come new reports that another all-new product is in the works for the iconic British marque.

According to Auto Express – which has, mind you, been known to jump the gun on the old rumor mill – engineers at MG are working on a new roadster. Unlike the aging Rover Metro-based TF (pictured above) and the plans to update the same, the new MG will go with a front-engine setup with a variety of powertrains on offer. Among them, a GM-sourced turbodiesel, a hybrid system similar to that found on the Honda CR-Z, and a gasoline V6. Sources expect to see the new MG roadster on the road by 2013... in the UK, at least. But if it proves as promising as the aforementioned MG6, we could have another hot Euro roadster to pine for Stateside.

What about the X120 project, supposedly aborted due to lack of funds? That could be back on the table as well, stretching the TF's mid-engine platform into more versatile dimensions. One roadster at a time, blokes.

[Source: Auto Express]

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