We love the internet. The information superhighway serves up a dizzying array of knowledge, a buffet of the weird and occasionally, if we're very, very lucky oddities like a rendering of a Hyundai Equus coupe. As far as we know, Hyundai has no absolutely plans to trim two doors from its upcoming luxury barge, but that hasn't stopped the artists at This Week in Motors from dreaming a little dream. Shall we follow them down the rabbit hole? Why not.
If Hyundai were to dip its toes into the high-end coupe segment, it would be waging war against heavy-hitters like the BMW 6-Series and the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class. Sure, the Equus might be able to keep pace thanks to its powerful 385 horsepower 4.6-liter V8 engine, excellent warranty and presumably a bargain-basement price tag, but there's the tiny problem of convincing BMW and Mercedes shoppers to make their way into the local Hyundai dealership. Good luck with that.

And that's kind of a shame considering how sharp the This Week in Motors rendering is. The Equus nose looks right at home with that arching roofline, flared rear fenders and Silver Arrow-ish rear end.

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[Source: This Week in Motors]

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