Last month, General Motors sold more vehicles in China than the U.S. Surprising? No, not really. The company has managed more sales in China than any other overseas automaker, but that's still not good enough for GM. They want more, and who can blame them? GM is aiming for 3 million units per year in China by 2015, not at all an insurmountable task considering the company sold over 200,000 vehicles in China last month alone.

GM's plans for expansion in the Chinese market include offering more efficient vehicles there. For starters, GM will incorporate start-stop technology on many vehicles bound for China. The company will also commit resources for developing more hybrids and plug-ins aimed specifically at the Chinese market within the next five years.

Why so much interest in China? The country jumped ahead of the U.S. as the world's largest auto market for the first time last year and the growth shows no signs of stopping. GM wants to be a part of that and will introduce a remarkable 25 new or revised models in China by the end of next year. Why is the company focusing so much energy on hybrids and plug-ins? Because a lot of local governments in China provide strong incentives to automakers and buyers for these ultra-efficient vehicles. Where's our piece of the pie? Aside from the Volt, flex-fuel vehicles and some mild-hybrid offerings, GM has not shown the same type of commitment to making advanced technology vehicles available in the U.S.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req.]

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