This didn't take long. Hot on the heels of NUMMI shutting its doors for good, reports are emerging that the plant's former workers aren't satisfied with their severance packages. Originally, employees were slated to see around $54,000 on average, depending on seniority. The newest workers were headed home with $21,000 in their pocket, while those who had put in the most years were walking away with closer to $68,000.

But that was before the last round of negotiations between Toyota, General Motors and the UAW. According to new report, under the new deal, seniority no longer factors into severance compensation. As a result, former workers at the NUMMI plant will see $21,000 on average.

While fingers are pointing every which way when it comes to who's responsible for the plant closing and the cut in severance pay, most of the blame has landed squarely on GM, and Toyota has handed over around $250 million for severance packages, while Detroit hasn't offered up a dime.

[Source: Just-Auto - Sub. Req. | Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty ]

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