A British company called Econogo has released the Yogo scooter, but don't confuse it with the Yugo car. This little scooter has a couple of unique aspects. For example, the Yogo scooter can be charged indoors. How? By removing the 25-pound (!) lithium-iron phosphate battery and taking it to your charging location of choice while your much-loved scooter sits curbside. The simple task of running a cord to the scooter is so last year.
The Yogo boasts the ability to carry a second battery on-board, doubling the range and giving you 50 pounds of battery to haul inside for charging. All of this convenience only costs a hair over $3,000, lower than we expected compared to other electric scooters. Add in that this is one capable scooter with a claimed top speed of up to 38 miles per hour and a 22-mile range per battery and the Yogo seems like a bargain.

Since moving a scooter to the nearest outlet is often times fairly easy, we're not sure what was wrong with the typical charging method, but we do see the usefulness of the removable batteries for apartment dwellers and others living above the first floor. Plus, taking the battery inside gives the added benefit of protecting it from extreme temps. Let's just hope this indoor charging method doesn't spill over into actual cars.

[Source: Times Online UK]

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