Spotted in Detroit: Pre-production 2011 Chevrolet Volt

We've still got about six and a half months until the official Job One production date for the Chevrolet Volt, but GM's plug-in savior is popping up on the streets around Detroit. Most of the Volts spotted in public are from the fleet of 80 IVER prototypes GM built last summer; cars with unpainted black bumpers and primer gray finishes. A few of those mules have been completely trimmed out for use as demonstrators such as the one we drove last December.

This weekend a camera crew from Detroit's Channel 7 News spotted one of these finished cars. We can't tell from these photos if this is one of the IVERs or one of the new production validation cars that started rolling out of the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant a couple of weeks ago. Either way, every time we see a Volt in the wild, it feels a bit more real. A tip of the hat to Vince!

Update: Volt chief engineer Andrew Farah checked the plate number on the car in the pics and verified that it is in fact one of the first vehicles built off the Hamtramck assembly line.


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