Smith Electric Vehicles has scored another win in the UK plug-in vehicle market. The Department of Transport has completed the first phase of a program to help purchase commercial electric vehicles (EV) at prices that are subsidized so that the initial cost is the same for the EVs as for gas or diesel equivalents. This program is open to public sector organizations like the post office and universities. Under this initial phase of the Low Carbon Vehicle Procurement Programme (LCVPP), 70 vehicles have been ordered – and 47 of those requests are for the Smith Edison.

The Edison is based on Ford's Transit van (the full-size model, not the compact Connect we get here). The Edison has a 2,700-pound payload capacity and a driving range of up to 100 miles from its lithium ion batteries. The remaining 23 orders in the first LCVPP batch went to Allied Vehicles and Modec. The Edison is currently the best-selling electric commercial vehicle in the world.

[Source: Northern Echo]

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