François Delecour takes Chris Harris for a spin in the Porsche GT3 RS – Click above to watch video after the jump

This is what happens when you put people other than navigators into cars with ex-World Rally Championship drivers: EVO's Chris Harris makes more than a few faces like this, while François Delecour looks like he's on a casual Sunday hunt for Starbucks.

The camera is inside the car so you don't get to see how Delecour throws the Porsche GT3 RS around tiny French B-roads, but in 13 minutes behind the wheel of the GT3 RS he talks to Harris about trying to enter one in the Monte Carlo Rally, about what changes he'd make to the car, requests ABS be turned off in order to drive fast, and he takes a phone call. When one remembers that Delecour's recent Sunday drives were done much faster and often sideways, we guess it's all right this time. Follow the jump for the video. Hat tip to Derek!

[Source: Evo]

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