Poet TV "How close is Cellulosic Ethanol?" – Click above to watch video after the jump

Since 2007, Poet Energy has been pumping out corn ethanol at various locations around the U.S. Before that, the company was known as Broin and had a 20-year history making biofuel. Corn ethanol, though, isn't anyone's idea of an end game product. What we're really waiting for is cellulosic ethanol. Granted, getting this advanced biofuel from the lab to the pump for anyone can put it in a gas tank has proven difficult. For the first episode of Poet TV, a project billed as the first in a monthly series, Poet CEO Jeff Broin and the company's public relations director, Nathan Schock, sit down and answer the question "How close is Cellulosic Ethanol?" Broin's answer: Poet will be producing cellulosic ethanol by 2012.

Broin thinks that there is room for a lot of players in the alternative fuels industry, he'd just like to be one of the biggest. "We need every new technology we can get to offset imported oil," he says, adding that ethanol is here today and that "it is the molecule that can replace significant volume of gasoline in this country." Watch the video after the jump.

[Source: Poet TV]

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