Sony RDP-NWV500 speaker system – Click above to watch a video after the break

Before we say anything at all about the Sony RDP-NWV500 speaker system, please allow us to get this sentiment off our collective chests: Why? There are precious few automobiles on the road these days featuring sound systems that lack the ability to attach a portable MP3 player, and even if your current car doesn't have one, you could always just get an integrated replacement unit that does.

With that established, let's take an look at Sony's utterly mystifying new cupholder speaker system. It boasts 16 watts of power and reportedly pumps out 360-degree sound from its 56-mm woofer and 20-mm tweeter. The unit is designed to fit into a standard cupholder and draws its power from your car's 12-volt accessory socket.

Of course, if you do choose to go the route of the Sony Sound Mug, you could always remove your car's stereo system entirely and add a bunch more cupholders. Click past the break for a video plus one more image.

[Source: Sony via Engadget]

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