The City of Detroit is about to undertake a massive construction project that will create hundreds of miles of pathways for bicyclists to use through the heart of downtown. The project aims to provide safe travel lanes for commuting cyclists and bikers visiting local attractions and, by linking together Detroit's downtown area, the city hopes to set an example for other cities across the nation. Might as well try to take the lead in something other than urban decay, right?

The plan for new pathways goes into action immediately. Starting this year, the city will designate 30 miles of bikeways in various neighborhoods. Most of these will be nothing more than well-defined bike lanes measuring five feet wide and stretching along the side of existing roads, but it's a start.

Supporters see a future ahead where Detroit can be traveled safely without a car and cyclists can get around without worry. Sound far-fetched? Future plans call for up to 400 more miles of pathways linking every section of the shrinking city and providing the means for greener transportation options that can be utilized by everyone.

[Source: Detroit Free Press | Image: Sarigianis – C.C. License 2.0]

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