If you're moving out of state, one of the most popular ways to get your stuff to your new home is a U-Haul truck or trailer. This gives the rental company a unique perspective on where people are migrating to, and the company shares this information with the rest of us with its annual U-Haul National Migration Trend Report. The report for 2009 reflects 1 million one-way truck transactions across the country to show which states are gaining the most residences.

According to U-Haul, the state with at least 20,000 families moving that saw the most growth was, somewhat surprisingly, Kentucky. The Blue Grass State managed to bring in 5.76 percent more families than it lost in 2009. Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma and Illinois round out the top five.

Among the states with 5,000 to 20,000 moves, Vermont had the highest percentage of growth with 16.67 percent more families coming than going. Vermont took the top spot among states with fewer than 20,000 moves after two straight years of Maine at the top. Hit the jump to read over the U-Haul press release, which includes the top 10 move destinations among states with at least 20,000 relocations and the top eight among states with fewer than 20,000 interstate moves.

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PHOENIX, April 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- U-Haul International, Inc. today released the results of the annual U-Haul National Migration Trend Report, reflecting the nation's top growth states for families who moved during 2009. The report, titled "2009 Top 10 U.S. Growth States," indicates that for states with more than 20,000 families moving, Kentucky had the highest percentage of growth, with 5.76 percent more families moving into the state than out. For states with 5,000 - 20,000 families moving, Vermont had the highest percentage, with a growth rate of 16.67 percent in 2009, moving Maine to second place after two years of ranking first.

"The average American moves 11 times in a lifetime," explained U-Haul President of Phoenix Operations John "J.T." Taylor. "Our customers rely on us to provide affordable services, and we are proud to be able to offer families who need moving services the increased convenience of our locations, which makes for a shorter distance to travel when moving. This not only makes their move easier but also has the positive effect of reducing the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere."

The report, reflective of growth patterns of the United States during 2009, was compiled based on nationwide trends in states with more than 5,000 families moving in or out of the area. Growth was then determined by calculating the percentage of inbound moves vs. outbound moves for each state.

The 2009 Top 10 U.S. Growth States Report was compiled from more than 1 million U-Haul one-way truck transactions occurring during a recent 12 month period.

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Since 1945, U-Haul has been the best choice for the do-it-yourself mover, with a network of more than 15,800 locations in all 50 United States and 10 Canadian provinces. U-Haul customers' patronage has enabled the U-Haul fleet to grow to approximately 101,000 trucks, 76,000 trailers and 34,000 towing devices. U-Haul offers more than 395,000 rooms and approximately 35 million square feet of storage space at nearly 1,091 owned and managed facilities throughout North America. U-Haul is the consumer's number one choice as the largest installer of permanent trailer hitches in the automotive aftermarket industry. As one of the nation's largest retailers of propane, U-Haul supplies alternative-fuel for vehicles and backyard barbecues.

U-Haul was founded by a Navy veteran who grew up during the Great Depression. Tires and gas were still rationed or in short supply during the late 1940s when U-Haul began serving U.S. customers. Today, that background is central to the U-Haul Sustainability Program: "Serving the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." Our commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle includes fuel efficient moving vans, neighborhood proximity, moving-box reuse, moving pads made from discarded material, and packing peanuts that are 100 percent biodegradable. Learn more about these facts and others at www.uhaul.com/sustainability.

U-Haul Top 10 U.S. Growth States*

January - December 2009

With More Than 20,000 Families Moving


1.KENTUCKY 5.76%

2. FLORIDA 3.79%

3. GEORGIA 3.17%

4. OKLAHOMA 2.59%

5. ILLINOIS 2.12%

6. ALABAMA 2.07%


8. LOUISIANA 1.46%


10. ARIZONA 0.52%

January - December 2009

With 5,000 - 20,000 Families Moving


1. VERMONT 16.67%

2. MAINE 14.22%

3. DELAWARE 9.48%


5. KANSAS 5.79%

6. IOWA 5.14%



9. NEBRASKA 4.02%

10. WISCONSIN 2.60%

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