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Back in 2007, when Ford kicked off its "Swap Your Ride" commercials, the company had one hybrid vehicle that couldn't compete with the hybrid offerings from Toyota, Lexus or Honda. Wisely, Ford focused those commercials on vehicles that could win, like the standard Fusion and the Escape. Now, as Ford readies for the launch of its latest "Swap Your Ride" commercials, the company can put its hybrids to the test.

The "Swap Your Ride" commercials go something like this: Current owners of competitor's vehicles are given a Ford model to drive for a week. After the ride and drive, the drivers dish out praise for the Ford vehicles. As you can guess, the respondents might be selectively biased.

This time around, Ford has a couple of hybrid products that are primed to take on the competitors. We are eagerly awaiting to see the head-to-head between the Toyota Prius and the Fusion Hybrid. Likewise, let's see who takes the honors between the Escape Hybrid and a Lexus or Toyota hybrid SUV. Ford's duo stands a chance and we're keeping our fingers crossed for some "Swap Your Ride" hybrid moments. As biased as the commercials may be, they're still worth watching.

[Source: Automotive News – sub. req.]

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