Beijing Preview: Geely reinvisions London's iconic taxi with its Englon TXN

Geely Englon TXN – Click above for high-res image gallery

Geely may be content to let Volvo do its thing without any apparent outside intervention (at least for now), but the Swedish brand's new parent company apparently has its heart set on unleashing a wave of taxis on England. A set of renderings just hit the web featuring a freshly designed taxi rolling through London. Called the Englon TXN, the car is slated for an official unveil at the Bejing Motor Show at the end of this month.

Details are scarce at the moment, but the car's design takes a modern spin on the classic look of the old British taxis. While the exterior shots almost look to be Photoshop creations, the interior pictures appear to be the real deal, and it features a rather nifty driver-centric cockpit.

Everyone's favorite Chinese automaker has been aggressively snapping up stock in Manganese Bronze for awhile now in an attempt to grab a controlling stake in the purveyor or London's iconic black cabs. The Coventry-based taxi-maker also cranks out cars for China, though those vehicles fly under the Englon name. As we all know, what Geely wants, Geely gets, so don't be too surprised if the streets of London are flooded with Chinese cabs the next time you visit.

[Source: The Tycho via Autohome]

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