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Robert Llewellyn bounced from his excellent web video series Carpool to an electric vehicle-centric show called Gearless. The new short videos revolve around Llewellyn's year-long affair with a Mitsubishi i-MiEV. While he once joked that it takes just nine seconds to recharge an electric vehicle (EV) because that's how long it takes to get out of the car and plug in the cable, his latest video depicts his experience with a real fast-charger. The takeaway point? It was almost too fast for him and he didn't have time to do much more than eat a bacon sandwich. As he writes in the video description:
Stupidly didn't actually set a stop watch to time it. Timer said 29 minutes but it was done in under 15. Next time I'll do it properly.
Lithium-ion batteries can be quick-charged to about 80 percent full very quickly. From everything we've heard, you can't refill a li-ion battery all the way to 100 percent in less than half an hour. Think, for example, is pushing to make 15 minutes the norm, but that'll only get you to four-fifths full. For most people, that's plenty, and it certainly seems to be so for Llewellyn. Watch his two charging videos after the jump.

[Source: Gearless via Treehugger]

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