Saab 92010 Sixten concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

It's good to see that not only has the "Save Saab "bandwagon not hung out a "Mission Accomplished" banner and gone home, they're still working hard to give new owner Spyker ideas for what Saab should be. There's even a Saab 9-1 group on Facebook trying to get the company to jump into the economy-sized car market. We have no idea, though, how Spyker feels about all this.

Added to the list of contributions is this, the 92010 Sixten concept by Eduard Gray, a modern take on the original 92 designed by Sixten Sason. It's a rather attractive three-door, four-seat compact hatchback that updates the 92's 'teardrop' form. Gray argues that his creation could use a hybrid drivetrain and give Saab flavor to the buffet of little premium cars on the way. We wonder if Victor Muller will be setting it next to the sketch of the possible new 9-2 he's been showing off before taking a few notes...

[Source: Eduard Gray – images reproduced with permission]

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