Resume Chopping: TLC bringing back American Chopper, pitting family as foes

TLC, which in this case rather ironically stands for The Learning Channel, will once again be teaching us all what's it's like to live in a truly dysfunctional family. No, we're not talking about Jon and Kate, we're talking choppers. American Chopper, that is.

Unlike before, when the reality television series focused on the lives of one family and its quest to assemble raked-out custom motorcycles, it will now focus on, um, two families... sorta. Both of them will still have the same last name, but anyone who watched the show over the last season or so knows that the two Paul Teutuls don't get along in any shape or form.

As such, the show will reportedly follow both father and son as they build motorcycles in different shops, one of which we assume will be Senior's Orange County Choppers. The other will presumably be Paul Jr. Designs. Sounds to us like a giant case of Teutul overload, but what do we know? Thanks for the tip, Quest!

[Source: The New York Post]

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