Sure enough, someone out there still wants Hummer. According to a report by The Car Connection, Raser Technologies has put multiple bids in for the General Motors Earth-squishing trucks – both before and after the failed bid from China's Sichuan-Tengzhong. Raser Technologies made a name for itself by converting an H3 into a plug-in hybrid not too long ago, and if the company managed to gain control of the future of the Hummer brand, you could bet your biscuits it wouldn't be too long before a hybrid truck made its way into showrooms.

Raser Technologies already has a prototype extended-range EV platform – the same tech fitted into the electrified H3. According to the company, the truck can cruise up to 40 miles on electric-only power, and should be capable of close to 100 mpg by the time everything's said and done. There's some speculation that GM is shy about handing Hummer over to Raser because of the potential threat to Detroit's own extended-range EV program, though we find that one tough to swallow.

For now, it looks like a dead end for Hummer. With GM already switching off the lights and sallying forth with the wind down, it doesn't look good for the brand, but as we learned with Saab, there's always hope. We'll keep you posted on the next on again/off again deal.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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